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OpenText Corporate Giving Program

Connecting People, Creating Communities

At OpenText, we are committed to our role as a responsible corporate citizen. Through numerous initiatives, we support education and innovation for global change, children and family, global disaster relief as well as United Way.

In keeping with this promise, OpenText has developed a program to help ensure we direct our resources, where the most impact will be made.  As a global leader in our industry, we have a great responsibility to give back to our communities around the world and to focus our attention, whether it be through monetary support or voluntary commitment to efforts which better our communities.  OpenText will focus on the following four pillars:

Education and Innovation for Global Change:  Innovation is core to our business success and central to the advancement of people, and their communities. We collaborate with universities, institutions, colleges, governments, industry partners, and non-profit organizations to foster education and innovation, and strive to promote the transformative power of technology. OpenText is committed to supporting foundations which foster education and innovation in order to help cultivate the leaders of tomorrow and create a foundation in our communities to enable education and innovation programs. This includes organizations such as outreach programs, education programs for the under privileged, institutions which focus on youth education and technology innovation.

Children and Family:  Many communities around the world offer such programs and foundations which aide in the health, welfare and social services for children and families in need.   These would include local organizations that provide a safe haven and nurturing environment to family and children.  OpenText will also continue to give to Cancer Research and other catastrophic illnesses.

Disaster Relief:  From time to time, the world will be impacted by a devastating event which will call us to take action quickly in order to save lives and lessen the devastating impact for people affected by a country or global disaster.

United Way:  In the Americas, we continue to support the efforts of United Way and their mission to assist countless organizations in the communities where we live and work.

Charitable Donation Giving Criteria

Eligible Requests and Organizations

To be eligible for funding from OpenText Corporation, organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • The organization must be based in our community or be providing direct services to our community in an area of one of our major offices;
  • It must be responding to a proven community need (as demonstrated in the organization’s request to OpenText Corporation.);
  • The organization must produce audited annual financial statements when asked;
  • The organization must be a registered charity;
  • Provide a health, welfare or social service in the local community of a major OpenText Corporation, or provide educational programs or services where OpenText recruits, and/or supports research.

Ineligible Requests and Organizations

OpenText Corporation’s Corporate Giving Program is to fund services provided by the organization. Therefore, the Corporation will not consider requests to fund trips to conferences and conventions by employees of an organization, or their meals, accommodation or travel expenses.

In addition, OpenText Corporation will not make contributions to support the following:

  • Individuals, political organizations/parties or individuals running for office
  • For-profit organizations,
  • Advocacy or lobby groups,
  • Recreation organizations, or clubs - Exceptions exist in areas where organizations and events target helping underprivileged people. In such circumstances, support may be targeted at specific areas, such as inner cities or reserves
  • A Non-registered charity,
  • Religious or sectarian organizations (unless the request is specifically for a program offered to the public on a non-discriminatory basis and without regard to the recipient’s religious affiliation);
  • Debt-reduction campaigns; and,
  • Political or partisan organizations or events.

Non-Discrimination Practices: OpenText Corporation will not fund organizations that, in their by-laws, policies, or practice discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. However, the utility will consider funding organizations that assist individuals or groups who have been subject to discrimination

Charitable Purposes: Funding may be used only for charitable purposes. They cannot be used to promote or oppose the election of any candidate for any office, or to personally benefit any elected official, or to promote or defeat any ballot measure.

Legal Compliance: By accepting funding, the recipient represents and warrants to OpenText Corporation that it is and will remain during the term of any funding hereunder in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.

Compliance: By accepting funding, the recipient agrees that it will not promote or engage in violence, terrorism, bigotry, or the destruction of any country, nor will it make subgrants or give funding to any entity that engages in these activities.

Program Administration

Requests for charitable support can be made at

Please note that responses to funding requests can take up to two months and preference will be given to projects relating to our Corporate Giving Philosophy, and those proposed by employees or Board members, provided they meet the Guidelines and do not represent a conflict of interest.

Funding Cycle

Our contributions program is funded throughout the Fiscal year of July 1 to June 30th. We reserve the right to consider requests at any time. Current grantees not receiving a multi-year grant must submit a new request for funding annually. Our goal is to respond to proposals within three months.