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BSN medical

Invoice processing with OpenText: BSN medical achieves legal certainty, simplifies administration, and cuts costs

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Replacement of legacy system by OpenText leads to lasting savings

Our accountants in Germany and England are enthusiastic about the new solution which is allowing us to achieve our main targets of legal certainty and lasting savings.

Daniela Dworski, process expert on FI/CO and global IT and specialist for the invoice receipt process at BSN medical.


  • Gaps in the sequence of documents led to legal risks in Italy
  • The continuing development of the old system and its maintenance would have been expensive and made BSN medical dependent on the manufacturer



  • Archiving the invoices straight after scanning ensures legal certainty
  • Simplified usage and administration leads to more efficient processes
  • Adjustments to the solution through simple configuration changes without any development costs saves money on a lasting basis

About BSN medical

BSN medical is a global medical device company - and one of the world’s leading suppliers in the product segments of casting, bandaging, wound care and compression stockings. The company has production facilities in Germany, France, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa and New Zealand, operating all over the world via affiliates, joint ventures and distribution agents. BSN medical employs more than 4,100 people. For more information, visit: