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Managing Online Complexities while Scaling SaaS to the Enterprise

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How the iHub from OpenText enables Diginius to help its customers make sense out of Big Data, with intelligent data analytics for online sales and marketing

Everybody talks about Big Data. It’s exciting in theory, but in reality it's complex. Being able to break it down and give granular data, or big picture data… that's my sales, that's my customers, ...I know where I'm getting this traffic, and see how it turns into dollars and pounds.

Nate Burke, CEO, Diginius


• Difficulty in clients’ ability to visualize data, and results
• Scalability to enterprise for SaaS platform
• Variety of users needed different report types, frequency and access



• Save time spent on building, preparing and distributing reports
• Increased customer satisfaction, with fewer customer queries
• Sales and client services teams deliver results without hiring new people

About Diginius

Diginius is a software company specialising in Digital Advertising and Marketing in order to increase brand awareness and drive sales through online channels. Its software platform turns complicated reporting data into optimisation of sales strategy to increase sales conversions.