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Federale Assurance

Fédérale Assurance implements customer communications strategy with OpenText

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OpenText™ Exstream seamlessly integrates with insurer’s IT system to enable quick design and delivery of personalized customer communications.

OpenText™ Exstream is intuitive and easy to use. Team members quickly became independent, handling document design while improving their knowledge. Exstream Designer is more user-friendly than competitor products

Christian Flion, Head of IT Operations and Document Production Services


  • Streamline customer communications management in a single repository
  • Ability to quickly integrate into existing business applications 
  • Deliver large volumes of personalized communications



  • Reduced dependency on IT with intuitive solution 
  • Accelerated time to market with real-time personalization of multichannel customer communications 
  • Enabled seamless integration with existing business applications and projects

About Federale Assurance

Belgian insurer Fédérale Assurance is a major producer of documentation, issuing 8 to 10 million pages of customer communications annually across their car, home and life insurance offerings, and financial investments products. These communications, for private individuals, professionals and businesses, include contracts, renewal notices and documents related to losses.