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The Institute of Public Administration of Canada

Public Service Without Borders Promotes Open Government, Excellence In Public Service

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IPAC encourages real-time collaboration across the globe with PSWB.net, a purpose-driven social platform built on OpenText Tempo™ Social

PSWB is a global game-changer for us. The social media cloud-based platform has been innovative and transformative.

George Ross, Deputy Minister of Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines and current President of IPAC


  • Shifting demands for open government
  • Traditional communication limitations, disparate web presence
  • Security concerns for online collaboration



  • Tempo Social deployed within OpenText cloud-based architecture. OpenText hosted environment simplifies management while addressing information security demands, which meets the needs of IPAC.
  • Supports improved transparency and decision-making
  • Allows open dialogue in a secure and mobile environment
  • Breaks down borders for sharing best practices

About The Institute of Public Administration of Canada

The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), founded in 1947, is dedicated to excellence in public service through the creation of knowledge networks and public administration research. As a membership-based organization, IPAC consists of 18 chapters across Canada, partnering with all orders of government – federal, provincial, territorial, municipal – and aboriginal and academia as well as similar associations from around the world. For more information, visit: http://www.ipac.ca/