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Voith IT Solutions GmbH

Voith Using OpenText ECM Suite to Ensure Security, Privacy and Data Integrity

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OpenText ECM enables the efficient exchange of information for authorized parties without compromising security policies

At Voith, we use several software technologies from Microsoft, SAP, and OpenText. Only together, can we leverage all of the benefits of this ecosystem that none of these technologies alone would provide.

Christoph Hammerl, Consultant, Voith IT Solutions


  • Introduce a way to securely store “strictly confidential” documents.
  • Solution needs to integrate into the standard Windows Client and Microsoft Office
  • Protect vital information assets from unauthorized access and distribution



  • Strictly confidential documents are protected in secure ECM repository.
  • The Voith Datasafe project makes use of every security-related feature in the OpenText content lifecycle management solution.
  • Out-of-the-box solution is easy to use and easy to set up, with very few customizations.
  • OpenText Enterprise Connect enables users to access Content Server from their desktop. Seamless integration into Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office and Outlook.

About Voith IT Solutions GmbH

With 40,000 employees, about 300 locations across the globe and a turnover of more than 5.6 billion Euros, Voith GmbH is an international leader in the fields of paper, power transmission, hydro power and in the area of industrial services. For more information, visit: