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Industrial Manufacturing solutions

Drive innovation, optimize operations, improve information governance and reduce security risks with a portfolio of Industrial Manufacturing solutions from OpenText

See how technology is transforming manufacturing

Today’s challenges

Industrial manufacturers around the globe are facing significant disruptions.

  • Increasing globalization

    Companies must deal with the complexities of supply chain visibility, responsible sourcing and geo-political influences on trade.

  • Monetizing data into new business models

    Technologies, such as sensors and RFID tags, are collecting valuable data from billions of data points, creating a need to transform data into business intelligence.

  • Capitalizing on Industry 4.0

    Innovative technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), require new systems and processes to improve business performance and agility.

  • Evolving regulatory compliance

    Non-compliance with an increasing number of regulations can have consequences, such as brand erosion, crippling fines, lawsuits and unsafe products.

Customer success stories

OpenText Industrial Manufacturing solutions benefits

There’s one significant asset that manufacturers have not yet optimized: their own data. Process industries generate enormous volumes of data, but many have failed to make use of this mountain of potential intelligence.

McKinsey & Company, Manufacturing: Analytics unleashes productivity and profitability, 2017

Manufacturing solutions

Supply chain

Connect electronically with trading partners, improve data quality and speed and modernize B2B processes

OpenText B2B integration

Augment internal IT staff with OpenText experts to manage daily B2B operations

OpenText B2B Managed Services

Automate supply chain processes

OpenText Active Applications

Gain operational and business insights into supply chain and communications performance

OpenText Trading Grid Analytics

Augment data-driven decision making and accelerate business

OpenText Magellan


Optimize efficiency of plant asset documentation and maintenance activities

OpenText Plant Asset Management


Improve process productivity by bridging silos and enhancing information flows between applications

OpenText Extended ECM Platform

Comply with information governance requirements, meet legal obligations and reduce overall archiving costs

OpenText Archiving for Content Server

Keep content secure and controlled in one intuitive, browser-based interface

OpenText Brava!

Manage access and control of information assets

OpenText Documentum

Get fast, secure, reliable access to desktop applications and data

OpenText Exceed TurboX


Automate business processes to improve trading-partner communications and information exchange

Procurement and supply chain management

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