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Life Sciences Solutions

Transforming content for drug pipeline innovation

Re-imagined cloud for advanced content management

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Enterprise portfolio outperforms point solutions

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Products built specifically for Life Sciences

Industry's most comprehensive portfolio

OpenText Information Management solutions help Life Sciences organizations leverage insights from data and content to improve decision-making processes and accelerate product development. Learn more about our portfolio of products:

Enables any-to-any integrations

Integrate, manage and securely exchange data across people, systems and things.

Provides broad solution portfolio

Leverage information assets from R&D to commercialization.

Flexible path to cloud

Freedom of choice with cloud-native software that can run anywhere.



OpenText for Life Sciences accelerates the discovery process by extracting actionable insights that drive pipeline innovation.

Track findings, collaborate on research ⟶

Capture and manage research papers into electronic lab notebooks with intelligent capture. Find insights with text mining.

Inform better decisions ⟶

Extract knowledge trapped in unstructured text contained in clinical trial reports, study protocols, clinical safety and efficiency findings.

Capture, manage, find and reuse research data faster ⟶

Share data from multiple research projects. Collaborate across local and global research sites. Protect Intellectual Property and support compliance with regulatory GxP guidelines.



OpenText for Life Sciences accelerates trials from startup to closure while collecting actionable data to enable more informed and faster decisions.

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Accelerate trials from startup to closure ⟶

Navigate complex clinical trial processes and take complexity and risk out of trial-related document management.

Speed clinical trial data cycles ⟶

Support more simultaneous clinical trials by reducing the time required to flow mega clinical trial data used for analysis.

Digitize eTMF docs and clinical reports ⟶

Capture and manage clinical papers into electronic lab notebooks with intelligent capture.

Manage clinical content ⟶

Intelligently author and manage clinical study reports, control global content and secure information access across the extended enterprise.



OpenText for Life Sciences delivers regulatory information management (RIM) solutions that drive smarter, faster and lower-cost decision-making to realize an information advantage to improve patient outcomes.

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Manage global regulatory content ⟶

Accelerate the submission process with complete global control of content, and secure information access across the extended enterprise.

Track activity with health authorities ⟶

Obtain a 360-degree view of submissions and correspondence with health authorities and improve compliance of archived submissions.

Identify inconsistencies within submissions ⟶

Use automated concept extraction, text summarization and classification to reduce weeks of tedious manual work and prevent costly re-submission requests.



OpenText for Life Sciences provides the framework for consistent operations and compliance with the extensive regulations that ensure patient safety and product quality.

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Manage quality content ⟶

Gain control over all quality, manufacturing and validation documentation standard operating procedures with verifiable Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Simplify quality processes for efficiency and compliance ⟶

Improve efficiency by automating response to non-compliance and CAPA events with modern user experience.

Optimize supplier relationships ⟶

Manage SOPs and other critical information with suppliers including processing and managing supplier invoices.



OpenText for Life Sciences allows you to drive innovation, optimize operations, improve information governance and reduce security risks with a portfolio of manufacturing solutions.

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Manage quality content ⟶

Gain control over all quality, manufacturing and validation documentation including standard operating procedures with verifiable Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Gain efficiencies for inventory and warehouses ⟶

Detection of inefficiencies in a supply chain, improve logistic processes and routes and dramatically reduce time to customers.

Simplify vendor processes, cut costs ⟶

Optimize and simplify the process of receiving, managing, routing and monitoring invoices and related documentation.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

OpenText for Life Sciences provides a comprehensive integrated platform to manage creative teams and assets through the development, review/approval and delivery processes, all while maintaining regulatory compliance, quality control and process harmonization.

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Managing regulated marketing content ⟶

Get control of the marketing asset lifecycle while maintaining regulatory compliance (MLR).

Connect disparate system to form Customer Information Management ⟶

Unified data management and integration solution with data visibility throughout all customer interactions.

Connect workspaces ⟶

Create virtual workspaces automatically as they relate to healthcare providers, drugs/therapies, employees, sample orders or any other business object type.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

OpenText for Life Sciences enables the world's largest and most complex supply chains by delivering a single solution or an integrated and transformed supply chain, on-premises or in the cloud.

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Manage information across ecosystems ⟶

Track suppliers with KPI reports and alerts, collect documentation and capture digital signatures to ensure compliance.

Leverage realtime data from IoT ⟶

Gain visibility and insights to improve drug and vaccine supply chain and asset operations.

Integrate with SAP Business Suite ⟶

Take advantage of an enterprise-grade ECM solution that uniquely integrates with SAP® Business Suite on HANA (SAP ERP, CRM, SCM, SRM, PLM) and S/4HANA in a productized fashion.

Find out how OpenText helps to transform Life Sciences content

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Life Science outcomes that matter

Life Sciences organizations trust OpenText to help them bring life-saving therapies to their patients.

Faster clinical data cycles

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Hours per week saved by users from quicker document access

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Met compliance and efficiency objectives

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Customer success stories in Life Science


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