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Discovery Solutions

Find what matters faster, from forensically-sound collections to unstructured data analytics to continuous machine learning, with eDiscovery software and services

Watch Axcelerate's machine learning and visualized analytics analyze thousands of emails in 2 minutes

What is Discovery Software?

Whether addressing litigation discovery requests, government investigations, data breach response or other legal and compliance needs, electronic discovery software helps enterprises preserve, collect, analyze, classify, review and produce electronically stored information (ESI).

The best eDiscovery software solutions harness the power of predictive analytics, text analysis, forensic collection and flexible machine learning. These solutions reduce data volumes, automate processes and speed legal review. The best contract analysis and enterprise search solutions leverage these same foundational technologies to solve an even broader range of legal and business problems.

Discovery Solutions overview

OpenText Discovery solutions provide gold-standard digital forensics and unstructured data analytics for searching, collecting and investigating enterprise data to manage legal obligations and risk. Discovery Suite’s powerful machine learning helps legal and compliance teams quickly find critical information for litigation discovery, investigations, compliance analysis, data breach response, business projects and financial contract analysis.

OpenText Axcelerate is the most powerful eDiscovery platform available. Built from the ground up around proprietary advanced analytics and predictive coding, Axcelerate delivers best-in-class investigative capabilities in a fully-integrated, intuitive interface. OpenText EnCase eDiscovery provides the most trusted and forensically-sound platform for identifying and preserving evidence.

Together, these solutions offer litigation support teams unparalleled coverage of the legal discovery process, from collection to processing to Early Case Assessment (ECA) through to review, analysis and production.

Discovery Suite solutions are available on-premises or in the cloud, on a self-service basis or with a complete range of Discovery services from collection to hosting to production. Solutions can be implemented on a same-day basis for individual matters, with nothing to download or install, or deployed across the largest enterprises.

Discovery software features

  • Predictive coding

    Prioritize the identification and review of relevant content in virtually any data set with continuous machine learning. Axcelerate includes the most flexible, accurate and defensible predictive coding available.

  • Concept search

    Find the right documents without keywords and automatically organize documents into conceptually related groups. Unsupervised machine learning automatically identifies language patterns to determine contextual meaning of codewords and documents.

  • Phrase analysis

    Search with greater precision and discover terms that may have been missed. Axcelerate automatically identifies key phrases from across the data set, ranked by occurrence, which can be easily included or excluded for better search results.

  • Smart filters

    Narrow the scope of review with simple point-and-click controls leveraging more than 50 different metadata fields from basics, such as date, source and file type, to advanced communication properties with visualized results.

  • Smart redactions

    Redact sensitive information, such as phone numbers, SSNs, credit cards, email addresses and virtually any other identifiable pattern, automatically across thousands of documents at once.

  • Business intelligence

    Track and report on all key eDiscovery metrics in an individual project or across an entire litigation portfolio. Axcelerate includes proprietary efficiency scoring dashboards to help quantify savings generated from intelligent technology use.

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What are the benefits of discovery software?

  • Complete, discreet collection

    Collect discreetly from all sources with no impact on day-to-day business, even from endpoints that are off the network.

  • Earlier insights

    Find the facts, relationships and documents that make or break the case with visualized, predictive analytics and continuous machine learning.

  • Faster review

    Speed time to review with self-service processing and robust Early Case Assessment (ECA) to create highly targeted document review sets.

  • Better results

    Automatically redact sensitive information, create customized productions and optimize the legal discovery process with transparent reporting.

  • Federated search

    Use a single search bar to run queries across dozens of content repositories and billions of records across the enterprise.

  • A golden source of compliance data

    Automate the extraction, processing and organization of key contract terms to enable finance professionals to easily understand and report their positions, risk and collateral.

  • Flexible deployment

    Choose from the full range of service and hosting options including on-premises, on-demand, cloud, hybrid and managed services.

  • Total defensibility

    Preserve forensic integrity, full metadata and chain of custody, and reuse data across matters, with the most trusted and judicially-recognized collection technology.

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