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OpenText Records Management

Delivers complete, comprehensive lifecycle management for all your corporate records and enterprise information holdings, in physical and electronic format.

OpenText Records Management reduces the risk and cost of unmanaged information. As a key component to the OpenText Content Suite, OpenText Records Management empowers your organization to govern corporate holdings according to organizational policies, managing the complete lifecycle of all enterprise information, ensuring regulatory compliance, reducing the risks associated with audit and litigation and maximizing the value of the information.

OpenText Records Management provides records management services to the OpenText Content Suite. By enabling a common records management program for all types of information, it provides an automated system removing the complexities of electronic records management while making the process completely transparent to end-users. OpenText Records Management features are embedded in the interface of the relevant business application, allowing users to access records management functions from within the interface they are most familiar.

OpenText Records Management ensures all content that is captured, generated, received or used while conducting business, is preserved as evidence of an organization's functions, policies, operations, projects and activities. It enables users in your organization to understand the business context and legal relevance, while ensuring the retention and disposition, or destruction of content can be controlled in accordance with your internal policies and external regulations.

Product Highlights:

  • Ensures compliance with internal and external rules and regulation
  • Manages enterprise information, no matter where it’s stored, without impacting the way users work
  • Enhances corporate accountability with extensive security and auditing
  • Ensures the preservation of critical content
  • Manages physical records alongside electronic
  • Streamlines and automates retention and disposition processes
  • Enables cost effective long term storage of content
  • Extends records management controls into external repositories Certified to US DoD 5015.2 version 3 specification with Management of Classified Records, certified integrations with SharePoint, SAP and eDOCS. It is also certified to VERS specifications 1-5 with SharePoint, SAP and OpenText ECM Everywhere