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OpenText Core

Securely share and collaborate on enterprise content in the cloud

OpenText™ Core is a simple yet secure way for users to share, sync and work, on any device. The SaaS application is cost effective and provides IT with a rich set of features that ensure security and control. Core combines with OpenText Content Suite and OpenText Documentum to contribute to a holistic information management strategy that addresses the needs of both users and organizations.

The analyst's view on apps in the enterprise

Collaboration built for business

Allowing employees to easily share corporate content, while giving IT administrators the required visibility and security controls, is a challenge for many companies. OpenText Core gives users the file sharing and collaboration capabilities they need to get their work done, while adhering to organizational policies for information management and security:

  • Clear workflows drive efficiency by adding structure to document processes to simplify daily tasks
  • Deep integration with Microsoft® provides support for storing email and attachments in Outlook® and co-authoring with Office 365®
  • Native mobile applications with smart user experiences encourage user adoption across many devices

Integration with OpenText Content Suite and OpenText Documentum

OpenText Core extends the value and functionality of existing ECM investments by adding cloud native sharing and collaboration capability. It adds a safe space for employees, customers, partners and suppliers to work together.

  • Easy access to primary OpenText Core features directly from the Content Suite Smart UI and Documentum
  • Keep original documents safe and unaffected by drafts and versions created during collaboration with external parties
  • Combine the power of your existing ECM environment with the flexibility of Core

IT and administrative control

OpenText Core is run on a SaaS model, so it can be set up and ready to use in a matter of minutes. IT retain complete control and visibility into content sharing with employees, customers, and partners.

  • Dashboards and reporting views provide administrators with key information, including storage usage by user, file type and overall system activity
  • User management lets administrators create accounts, control access, assign user storage quotas, lock and disable accounts
  • View connected users and remotely wipe local content on mobile devices