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Enterprise Records Management OpenText Core for Federated Compliance

Define, manage and validate an enterprise-wide information governance policy from a centralized, cloud-based platform.

What causes information risk across the modern enterprise?

As the volume, complexity and regulatory oversight of enterprise information increases, so does the difficulty in effectively managing a compliance program. Information sprawl is common in the modern enterprise and keeping track of each piece of content is a laborious process and difficult to centralize. Attempts to solve these problems largely fail to effectively scale or manage risk.

OpenText Core for Federated Compliance overview

Core for Federated compliance diagram

OpenText Core for Federated Compliance delivers cross-repository visibility and policy control for transparency and defensibility of organizational information governance processes and reporting.

Modern enterprises grapple with many different repositories, both in the cloud and on-premises. As a hybrid-solution with a secure, cloud-based management console, Core for Federated Compliance empowers records administrators and risk managers to develop, deploy and track organizational retention policies, perform legal hold collection and report on compliance across multiple repositories.

OpenText Core for Federated Compliance features

  • Centralized record policy management

    Centralized record policy management

    Defines and manages corporate records policies across multiple repositories.

  • Enterprise records dashboards and reporting

    Enterprise records dashboards and reporting

    Tracks records classification, holds and compliance levels through visual dashboards and reports.

  • Validate records compliance

    Validate records

    Measures adherence to records policies in each repository by local administrators.

  • Metadata mapping across repositories

    Metadata mapping across repositories

    Maps complex records polices to local repository metadata for flexibility in policy-making across the enterprise.

OpenText Core for Federated Compliance benefits

  • Local control with global oversight

    Manage records locally for each repository and region, offering maximum process flexibility while managing risk at an organizational level.

  • Cloud-ready risk management

    Move to the cloud incrementally, repository-by-repository, with the unique Core for Federated Compliance architecture.

  • Maintain data sovereignty and security

    Leverage a hybrid design for policy oversight while protecting content and metadata from leaving the jurisdiction or breaking records movement policies or data security.

  • Transparency and defensibility

    Document policies and monitor full adherence to that policy. Identify content that is out of policy, develop a new policy and bring content into compliance.

Information Dexterity: How to Better Manage Your Information Assets

Better content governance through information dexterity

New laws and regulations affect how organizations should and shouldn’t manage information, carrying increasing non-compliance penalties. Read this Kahn Consulting white paper to learn the qualities that advance an organization's information dexterity and avoid information pitfalls.

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