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OpenText Suite for SAP

Maximize the Potential of Your Digital Information

According to IDC, the deluge of information is growing at an estimated compound annual rate of 60% with 80% of this data being unstructured. This turns effective enterprise information management (EIM) into a strategic enabler that puts you ahead. EIM helps you succeed in driving your strategy to execution and delivering tangible value in your business transformation efforts.

An integrated approach to enterprise information management means that you can automate, optimize, and re-innovate your business process at a higher level. All elements of your enterprise information, structured and unstructured data, are in context of your business process, at any point in time, on any device.

OpenText Suite for SAP is uniquely designed to allow you to think end-to-end about business value. Ready to plug-in your business architecture and let you take advantage of SAP’s innovation strategy for non-disruptive adoption, OpenText Suite for SAP assures content in-context, keeping its lifecycle intact, from creation to disposal.


SAP Partner

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SAP Pinnacle Awards 2018 Winner

SAP Pinnacle Award

OpenText is proud to be recognized by SAP® with two Pinnacle Awards: Solution Extension Partner and Database and Data Management Partner of the year. It is the 10th consecutive year we’ve won the Solution Extension award; winning two awards this year is remarkable. SAP presents these awards to top partners who excel in partnering with SAP and helping customers run better.