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OpenText Gupta SQLBase

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OpenText™ Gupta SQLBase is a fully relational, high performance, embedded database that allows organizations to manage data closer to the customer, where capturing and organizing information is critical. SQLBase provides a self-recovering, highly automated embedded database architecture that enables users from corporate IT to ISVs to deploy SQLBase embedded in software solutions having automated deployment and configuration and automated maintenance. With its small footprint and low TCO, SQLBase is the embedded database of choice for ISVs and organizations around the world.


Gupta SQLBase is an easy embeddable database. It can be integrated into vertical solutions and deployed to IT-less environments. The solution requires very few IT resources for installation, configuration and maintenance to offer a low total cost of ownership (TCO). A small footprint additionally reduces hardware requirements and IT costs.


Gupta SQLBase offers strong AES 256 data encryption and SSL communication encryption. Additional security features prevent brut-force password guessing and data tampering. SQLBase was the first database to offer strong data encryption features.


Gupta SQLBase is developer friendly and nicely integrates with the OpenText™ Gupta Team Developer (TD) and OpenText™ Gupta TD Mobile IDEs. Included drivers enable users to access Gupta SQLBase from all major platforms, including .NET, .NET Core, Java. ODBC and OLE DB drivers are available for developers as well.

Easy ISV Licensing and Mass Deployment

OpenText™ Gupta SQLBase is available as an Embedded Deployment Pack (EDP) allowing users to distribute Gupta SQLBase alongside their software solutions. The Gupta SQLBase EDP contains a configuration tool that helps maintain a count of deployed licenses. The EDP configuration tool can build custom installers that include everything customers need. Users can configure the number of users for the included Gupta SQLBase server. Alternatively, users can build an installation directory that includes everything Gupta SQLBase needs to run and can use their own deployment mechanisms for distribution to users or customers.

Automate installation, configuration and maintenance

Gupta SQLBase provides automated deployment and configuration. Automated maintenance further reduces total cost of ownership of database solutions that include Gupta SQLBase.

Support for TD Mobile mobile Workforce apps

Gupta SQLBase is a great central database for TD Mobile mobile workforce apps with easy integration into the development system and easy application deployment. Flexible licensing options allow for easy centralized deployment.

Great companion for Gupta Team Developer (TD) desktop applications

Gupta SQLBase is an easy to manage database to build initial application database structures, excelling in easy deployment of applications and included databases. SQLBase offers flexible deployment options from single-user to unlimited-user servers.

Data synchronization

Use the optional OpenText™ Integration Center to synchronize data between Gupta SQLBase databases or other databases, such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more. Transform data in the synch process, create aggregate data for faster business intelligence, concatenate strings, calculate values and perform data type conversions. Integration center provides a complete toolbox of operations that can be applied while synching data between database servers.

OpenText Business Intelligence for SQLBase Databases

Optional OpenText Business Intelligence (OTBI) is a comprehensive query and reporting solution that enables business analysts and other business users to pose questions about their data and then view the results in visually informative reports. Business Intelligence (OTBI) provides decision-makers with greater insight, faster.

More about OpenText Business Intelligence

Comprehensive software development support

Use virtually any software development IDE to write applications and services that connect to Gupta SQLBase database servers. Gupta SQLBase comes with an array of modern database drivers that enable software development on Windows, Linux and other platforms. SQLBase provides ODBC, OLE DB, .NET Data Provider (NDP), JDBC and native database drivers. Gupta SQLBase e also installs right into Visual Studio using the DDEX extension.

SQLBase 64-bit and 32-bit Power

Gupta SQLBase includes a 32-bit and a 64-bit database server so users can choose the bitness to use based on their operating system capabilities. The Gupta SQLBase client drivers also come in 32-bit and 64-bit variants.

Boost multi-user performance

Gupta SQLBase 12 greatly enhances database scalability and multi-user performance to keep pace with the increasing amount of application users, application complexity as well as database growth. Gupta SQLBase 12 introduces native operating system multithreading to achieve outstanding scalability and multi-user concurrency.

SQLBase Administration tools: Monitor, analyze, solve and edit

  • Automate: Schedule recurring database maintenance tasks, such as daily backups, database unloads and more. The Command Center Service will execute scheduled tasks automatically and offers the flexibility to send emails when a task is executed successfully or if there was a problem encountered.
  • Alarms: Define thresholds for alarms to trigger actions, such as a notification email to the administrator.
  • View: See the complete database structure, including Users, Roles, Tables, Indices, Views and more.
  • Operations: See all current users, processes and open database cursors, including details about isolation levels used and locking status.
  • Edit: Create, modify and delete all database objects via easy to use dialogs.

Highly secure database

Secure sensitive data by encrypting the entire Gupta SQLBase database with powerful 256-bit AES data encryption. The communication between applications and the Gupta SQLBase database server can also use 256-bit SSL encryption for full end-to-end data encryption.

Gupta SQLBase also includes built-in brute-force password guessing attack and denial-of-service attack features, making it a safe and secure database for internal or external web applications as well as a safe choice as a backend database for mobile applications.

Gupta 64-bit and 32-bit power

Includes a 32-bit and a 64-bit database server so users can choose bitness based on their operating system capabilities. The client drivers also come in 32-bit and 64-bit variants.

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